I am a sound designer and audio specialist, my work explores the unique and specific details of sound for film.

My main objective as a sound artist is the ongoing ability to amalgamate the sound of the natural and artificial world around us, allowing us to effortlessly experience this complex space more deeply through the stories we tell. Every recording is an ever-growing collection of curated data that can inform, enlighten and inspire beyond what we experience in the moment. 

As an active sound artist, I am particularly interested in providing sound design, recording, editing and mixing for brands, podcasts, films and artists. I specialize in sound recording and design for visual media. My goal is to help creatives tell stories more effectively through the use of dynamic sound to impact viewers.



From an early age I have always been drawn to creative arts. Art, music and discovering was and still is an active part of my progressive interest to learn new things, see new perspectives and create new experiences. I initially had a great interest in film production and successfully earned a degree, however it was in this period of life that I fell in love with sound. I still produce film content to this day on an ongoing basis but my heart is with sound.

After finishing my formal education in video I moved to Seattle, WA to attend The Art Institute of Seattle. While obtaining my audio production degree I had the pleasure of working an internship at the post production powerhouse Clatter & Din. After earning my degree I moved back to Sacramento, CA where I began freelancing and soon after took a position at Cosumnes River College. I currently work as a Educational Media Design Specialist. I produce video content and provide learning management system support for the distance education department. Majority of my current freelance work is in collaboration with Wayland Films.


• Over 15 years of experience in audio production and video production.
• Currently an Educational Media Design Specialist at Cosumnes River College.
• Graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in Audio Production.
• Served an internship at Clatter & Din audio post production in Seattle, WA.
• Graduated from Cosumnes River College in Television Production.